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STEM_758_sm_supplFigure1.pdf115KSupplemental Figure 1. Summary of gene expression changes in the FGF signaling pathway during hESC neural differentiation. Reported changes are ratios of expression values of samples from day 6 or day 10 compared to day 0 (ESC stage). Yellow boxes indicate no change in expression from ESC stage to day 6 or day 10. Red boxes indicate an increase in expression level and green boxes indicate downregulation.
STEM_758_sm_supplFigure2.tif1851KSupplemental Figure 2. hESCs (d0) and differentiating cells at day 2 (d2), d4 , d6, d8, and d10 were subjected to immunoblotting assay with Ab-PAR, -PARP-1, -ERK, -p-ERK as indicated.
STEM_758_sm_supplFigure3.pdf302KSupplemental Figure 3. hESC lines expressing PARP-1-shRNA and control shRNA. GFP was used as a viral marker.
STEM_758_sm_supplFigure4.pdf79KSupplemental Figure 4. PARP-1 knockdown inhibits neural differentiation of hESCs. The expression of PAX6 and SOX2 in PARP-1-knockdown cell lines at day10 of differentiation was assessed by flowcytometry. The value of each cell line was normalized to its own IgG control. The mean ± S.E. of relative value of PAX6 or SOX2 expressing cells from three independent experiments are shown after normalization to that of control RNAi. *, P<0.05, **, P>0.05 in comparison with the value from control cell line.
STEM_758_sm_supplFigure5.pdf120KSupplemental Figure 5. Neural differentiating PARP-1 knockdown (#3) or control cells at day10 were fixed and subjected to immunostaining with Ab- PARP-1, PAX6 or SOX2 as indicated. All cells express GFP, a viral marker.
STEM_758_sm_supplFigure6.pdf74KSupplemental Figure 6. Lysates from cell lines expressing PARP-1-shRNA and control shRNA at differentiating day 10 (d10) were subjected to immunoblotting with Abs against other lineage markers, Cytokeratin (epidermal), Brachiury (early mesodermal) and SOX17 (endodermal) as indicated.
STEM_758_sm_supplTable1.pdf230KSupplementary Table 1. Primer list

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