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STEM_778_sm_supplFigure1.tif222KFigure S1. Dose-dependent effect of AICAR on p53, Nanog and SSEA-1 expression in mES cells. (A) R1 mESCs were treated with AICAR at indicated concentrations for 9h. Cell lysates were analyzed for p53 and Nanog expression by immunoblotting. These blots are representatives of three independent experiments. (B) R1 mES cells were treated with AICAR for 2d and analyzed for expression of SSEA-1 by flow cytometry. Values represent mean ± SD (n=3).
STEM_778_sm_supplFigure2.pdf626KFigure S2. AICAR enhances hemoglobinization of EBs. (A) mESCs were treated with AICAR (0.5 mM) for indicated hours, and then allowed to differentiate to form EBs in the absence of LIF. EBs derived from AICAR-treated mESCs show enhanced hemoglobization on day 8 compared to those from non-treated mESCs. (B) Morphology of EBs formed by differentiation culture for 8d with or without AICAR.

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