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STEM_781_sm_supplFigure1.tif377KFigure S1. CFU-FV expanded in vitro do not induce leukemia when transplanted into Stk−/− mice. CFU-FV cells were propagated as described in Figure 2. 5x105 CFUFV were transplanted into Stk−/− mice and 9 week post transplant spleen weight (left) and WBC counts (right) were measured.
STEM_781_sm_supplFigure2.pdf1337KFigure S2. Friend virus LSCs are highly enriched in slow dividing PKH26 hi cells that express CD133. (A) LSCs expanded in HH media were stained with PKH26 and grown for 1 week. The cells were sorted for PKH26 fluorescence and plated in methylcellulose media for LSC colonies or BFU-E colonies. (B) mRNA expression of genes associated with stem cell self renewal was analyzed by RT-PCR analysis of RNA isolated from PKH26hi and PKH26lo LSC fractions sorted by FACS (right). (Left) PKH26hi and PKH26lo LSC populations were sorted by FACS, fixed and stained with anti-Bmi1 and Numb antibodies. Expression of Bmi1 and Numb was analyzed by flow cytometry. (C) LSCs expanded in HH media were stained with anti-CD133 antibody and sorted into CD133+ and CD133- populations by FACS. The two populations were plated in methylcellulose media for LSC colonies or Epoind BFU-E.
STEM_781_sm_suppl_material.pdf22KSupplementary Data

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