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STEM_786_sm_supplFigure1.pdf115KSupplementary Figure 1: Quantitative PCR analysis of SCM profile genes in SCM monolayer and sphere cultures Data are presented as fold change calculated by dividing sphere expression levels by monolayer expression levels, each normalized to beta-actin.
STEM_786_sm_supplFigure2.pdf152KSupplementary Figure 2: Loss of heterozygosity in SCM and RF10 melanoma cell lines, xenografts, and matched patient tissue samples Gray regions represent LOH, determined by comparing SNPs called heterozygous in normal tissue (blood) controls to the corresponding cell line and tumor tissue.
STEM_786_sm_supplTable1.xls335KSupplementary Table 1: Differentially expressed gene lists
STEM_786_sm_supplTable2.xls58KSupplementary Table 2: Gene Set Enrichment Analysis for SCM and RF10 melanoma cell lines.

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