Online, automatic, near-real time estimation of GPS-TEC: IONOLAB-TEC


Corresponding author: F. Arikan, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Hacettepe University, Beytepe, Ankara, 06800 Turkey. (


[1] The variability of space weather can best be captured using total electron content (TEC), which corresponds to total number of electrons on a ray path. The dual-frequency ground based GPS receivers provide a cost-effective means for monitoring TEC. Computation of TEC for a single GPS station is a challenge due to various unknowns and ambiguities such as inter-frequency receiver bias and satellite bias, choice of mapping function, and peak height of ionosphere for ionospheric piercing point. In this study, IONOLAB group introduces a robust, automatic, online computation routine near-real time TEC, IONOLAB-TEC, for IGS and/or EUREF stations from The user can choose online one station or multiple stations, date or dates for the computation. The IONOLAB-TEC values can be compared with TEC estimates from IGS analysis centers. The output can be obtained either in graphical form, or IONOLAB-TEC estimates can be provided in an excel file. The service is easy to use with a graphical user interface. This unique and original space weather application is provided online, and IONOLAB-TEC estimates are downloaded automatically to the user defined directories under user defined filenames.