Testosterone modulation of striatal dopamine output in orchidectomized mice



Three experiments are presented in which dopamine (DA) responses from superfused striatal tissue of orchidectomized (ORCH) mice treated or not with testosterone (T) are compared. In experiment 1, potassium-stimulated DA output was significantly greater in ORCH vs. ORCH+T mice. This profile was reversed when reserpine was infused in experiment 2, with DA output being significantly greater in ORCH+T vs. ORCH mice. In experiment 3, the amount of DA recovered following infusion of DA indicated no statistically significant differences in DA recoveries between ORCH and ORCH+T mice as tested in this paradigm. The findings that both potassium- and reserpine-induced DA responses are altered significantly by T suggests that one potential site of T action might involve the storage/uptake of DA within the vesicles of these neurons. Such results have important implications with regard to understanding the sex differences that are present in nigrostriatal dopaminergic function within health and diseased states. Synapse 60:347–353, 2006. © 2006 Wiley-Liss, Inc.