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First steps in the development of a Program Organizational Architectural Framework (POAF)



The target audiences for this paper are systems engineers and architects involved in the design of complex systems such as program organizations. This is the first in a series exploring how the design of program organizations developed for the purpose of designing and developing aerospace and defense systems can be optimized. The objective of this paper is to lay the groundwork for an architecture framework for the development of a program organization. The draft standard ISO/IEC 42010 is used to define the structural requirements of the architecture framework. In addition, we use the Zachman Architecture Framework™ to organize the framework and the Department of Defense Architecture Framework Version 2.0 (DoDAF 2.0) to create the model environment for the Program Organizational Architecture Framework (POAF). This approach to defining the POAF ensured that we would have the data needed to support our objective to optimize the design of the program organization and hopefully reduce the number of defects inherent in the design. We also believe that we have sufficiently defined the characteristics of a POAF to spur more research in this area. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Syst Eng