• general science;
  • gifted education;
  • attitudes;
  • elementary


The attitudes towards science of upper-primary students in three ability strands (average, above average, and gifted) were investigated. A total of 580 upper primary students from co-educational government and government-aided schools in Singapore were involved in this study. The attitude subscales investigated were enjoyment of science, preference for science careers, and appreciation of the social implications of science. Gender and ability were found to have statistically significant effects on the variations in the mean score for each attitude subscale. Boys, in general, had more positive views about science than girls. Overall, above-average and gifted students had comparable attitudes towards science; both of them consistently showed more positive attitudes than average ability students. At least 18% of the sample, with greater percentage being boys, reported “not sure” responses in 50% or more of the total attitude items. © 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Res Sci Teach 45: 940–954, 2008