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tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix1.doc33KSupporting Information Appendix 1. Developmental Models of Epistemological Beliefs
tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix2.doc31KSupporting Information Appendix 2. Decisions about Socioscientific Issues (Part 1)
tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix3.doc31KSupporting Information Appendix 3. Decisions about Socioscientific Issues (Part 2)
tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix4.doc28KSupporting Information Appendix 4. Scoring Rubric for Justifications on Decisions about Socioscientific Issues
tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix5.doc46KSupporting Information Appendix 5: Students' Use of Contextualized Scientific Information
tea_21077_sm_SuppAppendix6.doc36KSupporting Information Appendix 6. Threshold Model of the Interaction Between Epistemological Sophistication and Socioscientific Reasoning

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