Earth science concept list for grades K-12 curriculum construction and evaluation


  • The work reported herein was performed pursuant to a grant from the United States Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


The problem for this study was the identification of earth science concepts recommended by scholars in earth science for inclusion in the R-12 science curriculum. Three panels of earth science scholars assisted in the study. The third panel was selected in such a manner as to insure that the judgement of the entire memberships of five major professional organizations within the earth sciences would be represented within specified limits. The final concept list contained fifty-two earth science concepts.

The claim is not made that the concept list which was developed is a complete list of earth science concepts which earth science scholars believe to be important for inclusion in the K-12 science program; the list is to be regarded as a sample of those concepts which would form a complete list. However, it would seem that due to the method of compiling the list that a majority of the earth science concepts which earth science scholars rate as most important for inclusion in the K-I2 science program would be present.