Priorities for research in science education: A survey



In 1979, all members of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) were asked to list in order of priority what they believed to be the five most needed areas of research in science education. A total of 101 members−13% of the membership-responded and listed 398 statements of needed research. Six general classes of research needs were identified from the 398 needed research statements. Those classes contained 31 unique categories of needed research. Three categories of needed research emerged as the greatest concern of the NARST members responding to the survey. Those categories are instructional strategy, learning, and student and teacher attitudes. Earlier work done on the identification of research needs was compared with the present work and many similarities were found. The research concluded that when research needs were identified by the membership of the NARST the results are different than when especially appointed ad hoc committees identifies research needs.