This article focuses on the practical use of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. The current status of analyzing and classifying test items and behavioral objectives was examined in this study. Specifically, the purpose of this study was to analyze and classify the ISIS minicourse performance objectives and criterion-referenced test items according to Bloom's cognitive Taxonomy in order to determine what levels of cognition the ISIS instructional materials are directed. The performance objectives and test items of thirty-three ISIS minicourses and criterion-referenced tests were collected and classified. Four research questions were posed in the study. The findings indicate that ISIS minicourse test items and performance objectives are written primarily at the Knowledge and Comprehension levels. The ISIS instructional materials reflect low percentages of upper cognitive level test items and performance objectives. Based upon the use of a chi-square analysis, twenty-four of the ISIS minicourses and tests demonstrate a positive congruence between their performance objectives and criterion-referenced test items. Nine ISIS minicourses were found to demonstrate a negative relationship between their performance objectives and test items. Implications and Recommendations based on the findings of the studies are provided.