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tect20014-sup-0001-AppendixA.docWord document83KAppendices. Mineral separation, characterization and analytical procedures for geo- and thermochronology and geochemistry.
tect20014-sup-0001-Table S1.docWord document485KZircon U-Pb geochronology results
tect20014-sup-0002-Table S2.docWord document136KTi-in-zircon results
tect20014-sup-0003-Table S3.docxWord 2007 document37KMonazite U-Th-Pb geochronology results
tect20014-sup-0004-Table S4.docWord document222K40Ar/39Ar step heat thermochronology results
tect20014-sup-0005-Table S5.docxWord 2007 document14KApatite fission track thermochronology results
tect20014-sup-0006-Table S6.docWord document35KApatite U-Th/He results
tect20014-sup-0007-FigureA1.pngPNG image3036KCL images for dated zircons from sample SK 56.
tect20014-sup-0008-FigureA2.pngPNG image2956KCL images for dated zircons from sample SK 57.
tect20014-sup-0009-FigureA3.pngPNG image2440KCL images for dated zircons from sample SK 58.
tect20014-sup-0010-FigureA4.pngPNG image1660KCL images for dated zircons from sample SK 60.
tect20014-sup-0011-FigureA5.pngPNG image1679KCL images for dated zircons from sample SK 74.
tect20014-sup-0012-FigureA6.pngPNG image111KTrace element chemistry of zircons
tect20014-sup-0013-FigureA7.pngPNG image348KU-Pb zircon ages plotted against Ti-in-zircon temperatures

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