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2012TC003277SI01tsts01.pdfPDF document20KText S1. Description of the laboratory facilities and experimental methods for apatite fission-track analysis and zircon (U-Th)/He dating used in this study.
2012TC003277SI02txts02.pdfPDF document87KText S2. Description of the calculation method for estimating long-term exhumation rates from low-temperature thermochoronology dates.
2012TC003277SI03ts01.pdfPDF document142KA compilation of data for plotting Figures 6e–6h.
2012TC003277SI04ts02.pdfPDF document42KA compilation of data for plotting Figures 7a and 8a of the southern LMS swath.
2012TC003277SI05ts03.pdfPDF document46KA compilation of data for plotting Figures 7b and 8b of the central LMS swath.
2012TC003277SI00readme.txtplain text document2KSupporting Information

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