• pediatric depression;
  • self-diagnostic inspection;
  • facial images;
  • facial expression cognition;
  • hand phone


These days suicides are being committed by students at all three levels of schooling. This serious problem is one that we should respond to as quickly as possible. Pediatric depression is a potential source of this problem. Previously, we have reported a simple diagnosis of the depressed state using facial expression cognition in the case of adults. There we implemented a self-diagnostic inspection that can be carried out easily in a short time for the screening of depression. In this report, we examine whether the method we developed for adults may be applied to children as a fast and effective response to the big problem of pediatric depression. Through this examination, we hope that we can respond quickly to the problem of suicides by students in schools at all three levels caused by depression. Moreover, we can respond to a situation in which the school and parents do not understand the children's mental state that contributes heavily to these acts. From this response, we can evolve a better support system. Furthermore, we examine an application that uses a hand phone to improve the early stages of detection and evolve a support system through the increased number of users. Copyright © 2007 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.