Development of 1100 kV a.c. high-performance GIS-arrester and its verification tests



For the purpose of realizing 1100 kV a.c. power transmission system to meet the demands for electricity in future Japan, the 1100 kV a.c. high performance gas-insulated metal enclosed arrester (GIS-arrester) was developed and its high reliability was confirmed by a long-term performance verification test. The high-peformance GIS-arrester is a key component to determine the insulation level of 1100 kV a.c. power transmission systems and substation equipments. As part of a series of activities started around 1975 by the Special Committee on 1100 kV a.c. Power-Transmission system, the high-performance GIS-arrester with the superior protective performance of the world highest level was developed by applying the ZnO elements developed and commercialized in Japan.

This paper introduces the application effects, duties, specifications, progress of development, and results of verification tests for the high-performance GIS-arresters for 1100 kV a.c. power transmission system. Copyright © 2009 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.