• crosstalk;
  • reflected wave;
  • transmission line;
  • nonlinear load;
  • varactor diode


Crosstalk analysis is getting more important for avoiding malfunction of circuits. In this paper, crosstalk analysis of parallel microstrip lines with a nonlinear capacitive load is described. A characteristic of the nonlinear capacitive load is changed by a rapidly change of an applied voltage of the load. The change of the characteristic induces a complicated reflected wave that causes complicated crosstalk. To simulate such crosstalk precisely, the dynamic C-V characteristic can be used. However, if the dynamic C-V characteristic is complicated, it takes a long time to simulate the crosstalk by using a conventional method. Thus, a simulation method using a recurrence formula is introduced. The recurrence formula is derived from a function of the dynamic C-V characteristic simply. The calculated results computed by using the introduced method agree with the measured crosstalk and the introduced method is superior in computation time to the conventional method. It is confirmed that the introduced method is effective in crosstalk simulation. Copyright © 2009 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.