• piezoelectric actuator;
  • mobile device;
  • friction;
  • inclination angle;
  • traction load


This paper deals with the influence of a friction force on a small mobile device, AZARASHI (Seal) mechanism with a 1-degree of freedom (DOF) in the cases of moving on a slope and drawing a load. This device has a piezoelectric actuator, electromagnet CA that applies a constant friction force and electromagnet CB alternating the friction force by on-off control. AZARASHI mechanism has the same structure as the inchworm-like mover. However, AZARASHI mechanism has a smaller number of actuators to be controlled and is driven by a smaller number of steps than the inchworm-like mover. The motion performance on the slope from 0 to 90 degrees was experimentally investigated using a 1-DOF device. In addition, the relationship between the displacement on a vertical plane and the friction forces was tested. Under a set of sufficient friction forces, this device was possible to climb even on the vertical plane. The traction load capacity of the 1-DOF device was also investigated. As a result, the friction forces restricted the traction load capacity. Finally, its traction load capacity was compared with the inchworm-like mover. The lowest friction force to hold each device restricted their displacement. Copyright © 2010 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.