• rivet bonding;
  • plastic hardening;
  • bonding strength


Our goal was to develop a topology-insensitive rivet bonding method using the sidewall bond principle for MEMS devices and evaluate its mechanical characteristics. The proposed bonding method is comprised of two fundamental structures with a sidewall bond between them. The first is a male wafer having a relatively thick solder as a donor, and the second is a female wafer as an acceptor with a structure similar to a through-via. The two wafers are bonded laterally by the reflow phenomena of the solder and the excess volume of the donor with the acceptor then generating a rivet. In this study, these structural features were investigated. The rivet bonding led to an enhancement in the bonding strength due to the plastic hardening behavior of the rivet, serving as a cushion for the stress. This was parametrically studied and experimentally verified. © 2011 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.