• oscillations;
  • wind farm;
  • thermal system;
  • TCPS;
  • fuzzy tuning


The use of distributed generation (DG) is growing. However, DG may never be an alternative for major power generation, but they can be used in a combined form with other production units in the network. Among renewable energies, wind power especially when the case is a wind farm has a great power and capability. On the other hand, to generate electricity with desired quality and reliability, having proper dynamic response of wind farm and major network seems necessary. By employing thyristor-controlled phase shifter (TCPS) in series with the tie-line between two systems composed of wind farm and thermal system, the dynamic response of the combined system is improved. Results show that in all situations TCPS is able to suppress frequency deviation and tie-power oscillations effectively under the occurrence of sudden load changes in any of the areas when compared with that obtained without TCPS. Furthermore, the required time to reach steady-state in any of the areas is decreased dramatically. Also, for tie-power variations in addition to reduction of oscillations, overshoot is decreased remarkably several times more than the case that system in not equipped with TCPS. © 2011 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.