Figure S1. Scanning Electron Microscopy and Stereo Microscopy on Fixated and stained samples. (A and D) 100.000 cells in 50 μL, (B and E) 400.000 cells in 200 μL (C and F) 800.000cells in 400 μL for donor 4 after seven days of culture.(G) magnified view of cell morphology of 200.000 hMSCs in 100 μL after seven days of culture. All other cell seeding volumes showed similar cell morphology. Scale bars A-C: 500 μm, D-F: 1 mm, G: 100 μm.

Figure S2. The influence of agitation on CSE for scaffolds seeded with 200.000 hMSCs in 400 μl. A significant decrease in CSE is found when cells are seeded on scaffolds placed in agarose wells. There was no difference found in CSE when agitation was applied during 24 hours of cell culture.

Figure S3. DNA quantification after 1 and 7 days of culture on scaffolds and on culture media.

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