• embryonic stem cells;
  • molecular embryology;
  • stem cell biology;
  • stem cell biotechnology;
  • stem cell therapy;
  • biopolymers;
  • nuclear reprogramming;
  • stem cell therapeutics


A shared enthusiasm towards the highly promising utility of stem cell research brought together clinicians and scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry at the Second Annual International Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine meeting presented by GeneExpression Systems, Inc. earlier this year. A common theme was echoed by presenters that a deeper understanding of natural development of the whole organism and individual organ systems is needed. Armed with this greater knowledge, a more efficient and conscientious translation of stem cell research may be achieved.

Guest lectures included presentations by Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Dr. Irving L. Weissman, and Dr. Erin Lavik. Attendees were updated and encouraged by these and several other speakers on such topics as stem cell biology, epigenetics, biotechnology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and bioethics. Biomedical engineers and scientists are making steady strides in designing specific three dimensional scaffolds, tracking and controlling stem cells. The future of stem cell research continues to be promising with applications for treating cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases, hearing loss, diabetes, and so on. Copyright © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.