Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

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December 2013

Volume 7, Issue 12

Pages 925–1008

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    1. Ex vivo expansion of cord blood-CD34+ cells using IGFBP2 and Angptl-5 impairs short-term lymphoid repopulation in vivo (pages 944–954)

      Mónica S. Ventura Ferreira, Norina Labude, Gudrun Walenda, Carina Adamzyk, Wolfgang Wagner, Daniela Piroth, Albrecht M. Müller, Ruth Knüchel, Thomas Hieronymus, Martin Zenke, Willi Jahnen-Dechent and Sabine Neuss

      Article first published online: 1 JUN 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/term.1486

    2. Matrix formation is enhanced in co-cultures of human meniscus cells with bone marrow stromal cells (pages 965–973)

      Norah-Faye Matthies, Aillette Mulet-Sierra, Nadr M. Jomha and Adetola B. Adesida

      Article first published online: 31 MAR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/term.1489

    3. Efficient expansion of mesenchymal stem cells from mouse bone marrow under hypoxic conditions (pages 984–993)

      Tu-Lai Yew, Ming-Chau Chang, Yuan-Tong Hsu, Fan-Yu He, Wen-Hui Weng, Chih-Chien Tsai, Fang-Yao Chiu and Shih-Chieh Hung

      Article first published online: 24 MAY 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/term.1491

    4. Alimentary ‘green’ proteins as electrospun scaffolds for skin regenerative engineering (pages 994–1008)

      Leko Lin, Anat Perets, Yah-el Har-el, Devika Varma, Mengyan Li, Philip Lazarovici, Dara L. Woerdeman and Peter I. Lelkes

      Article first published online: 12 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/term.1493