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Perceptions and Use of Language Learning Strategies Among ESL Teachers and ELLs



This survey study explored perceptions and use of language learning strategies among English as a second language teachers and English-learning students (Grades 3–8, 10, and 11). The sample comprised 1,057 students (651 elementary, 275 middle, and 131 high school) and 54 teachers (31 elementary, 11 middle, and 12 high school) from 38 schools located in one urban midwestern U.S. school district. Results indicate that (a) the level of strategy effectiveness awareness among teachers working at all educational levels was high; (b) teacher and student strategy ratings differed qualitatively, with most of the teacher scores being above the high-level benchmark and most of the students' scores within the medium-level benchmark; and (c) none of the correlations between teacher and student strategy ratings were statistically significant. Implications for teachers and professional development providers are discussed.