A Study of the Motivational Patterns of Learners of English for Academic and Professional Purposes



Learner motivation is considered a vital factor in second language instruction. An analysis of motivation types and degrees can reveal learners' expectations and learning objectives. The present study analyzes the motivational patterns of a group of English for academic and professional purposes (EAPP) learners while focusing on types and degrees of motivation. The sample comprised 37 participants who were students in the EAPP program at a graduate school in California. The types of motivation were classified as intrinsic, extrinsic, or both, and the degrees of motivation were determined as low, medium, or high. The participants rated statements related to motivation type and degree on two Likert-type scales in a self-report questionnaire. The study reveals that most of the students had both types of motivation and their motivation degree was at a medium level according to the measurement scale. The results can help course instructors and administrators make informed decisions and choices in planning and revising the curriculum.