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  • Brian Paltridge,

  • Ahmar Mahboob

This issue of the journal contains contributions from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hungary, Canada, the US and the UK. The articles report on empirical studies as well as address theoretical and methodological issues in TESOL research. The first research article by Amanda Kibler, April Salerno and Natalia Palacois from the University of Virginia examines oral second language use in secondary school settings, specifically grades 9-12 English language learners’ use of transitional devices in rehearsed oral presentations. This research adds importantly to our understanding of young learners’ oral language development and provides helpful suggestions for how this can be supported in the classroom. The following article by Amy Thompson from the University of South Florida and Junkyu Lee from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies looks at the impact of having been abroad on Korean students’ language proficiency and language learning anxiety. The authors conclude that experience abroad does indeed reduce learning anxiety in foreign language classrooms and argue strongly for students to have this sort of experience. The article by Judit Kormos, Kata Csizer and Jessica Wu from Lancaster University, Eotvos University in Hungary and the Language Training and Testing Center in Taiwan examines the interaction of motivation, self-regulatory strategies and autonomous learner behavior in secondary school students, university students and adult language learners in Hungary. The study found independent use of learning resources and technology important aspects of autonomous learning behavior. The article on motivation and anxiety in test performance by Liying Cheng and Don Klinger (Queen's University), Janna Fox (Carleton University), Christine Doe (Mount Saint Vincent University), Yan Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Jessica Wu (Language Training and Testing Center, Taiwan) continues the theme of cross-institutional collaborations by examining performance on high stakes tests conducted in Canada, China and Taiwan. In their study, Cheng and her colleagues found that personal variables such as gender and age, as well as motivation and test anxiety, were associated with performance on the tests. Suhanthie Motha and Angel Lin from the University of Washington and University of Hong Kong respectively examine the issue of desire, arguing that it is at the centre of every moment of English language learning. This, they argue, is a matter that has been largely undertheorized in the area of TESOL, proposing a reconsideration of TESOL that takes account of this. The final full-length article is by Shawn Loewen, Elizabeth Lavolette, El Anne Spino, Mostafa Papi, Jens Schmidtke, Scott Sterling, and Dominik Wolff at Michigan State University. It examines statistical literacy among applied linguists and second language acquisition researchers. This is the first substantive investigation of this topic in more than 25 years. The study reveals that researchers still believe statistics to be an important and necessary component of research. They did, however, express a lack of confidence in statistics that the authors argue is a matter that needs to be addressed.

The first brief report in this issue is by Yuh-show Cheng, Ming-chia Li and Sieh-hwa Lin from National Taiwan Normal University. In their report they describe an inventory for measuring research-article writing motivation. The second brief report by Todd Ruecker from the University of New Mexico explores linguistic and institutional contexts of writing instruction in TESOL. The research issues contribution by Peter De Costa from Michigan State University discusses ethical decisions in an ethnographic study, a topic that we are certain to see more of in the coming years. Richard Cauldwell's Phonology for listening: Teaching the stream of speech is reviewed by Jane Setter from the University of Reading.

This issue also contains a call for proposals for the 2016 special issue of the journal. We are happy to answer questions about possible topics for the special issue and to send an example of a previously successful proposal to people as a guide for how to frame their proposals.

In our previous editorial we provided an overview of submissions to the journal from 2008 to 2012. We are now able to extend this to 2013. There was a slight increase in the total number of published authors from institutions in “centre” English-speaking countries (e.g. the UK, USA, Canada) in 2013 with 60 in 2013, compared to 50 in 2012. There was, however, a marked increase in published authors from China in 2013, 10 in 2013 compared to 2 in 2012. Other countries with strong representations were Singapore and Taiwan. A number of countries that had had no or just one author in the journal in the previous four years, i.e., Thailand, Uganda, Ireland, Luxembourg, Israel, the Netherlands and Vietnam, were represented in 2013. We are still striving to improve the diversity of authors who publish in the journal. Several newly appointed editorial board members are based in non-English-dominant countries, i.e., China, Germany and Oman to help encourage this.

There was an increase in the total number of full-length articles submitted to the journal in 2013, 404 compared to 342 in 2012. Our acceptance rate for all submissions (full length articles, forum contributions, brief reviews and summaries) increased slightly to 10.7% for 2013, up from 10% in 2012. The acceptance rate for full-length articles for 2013 was 5.9%. This was similar to 2103 where the acceptance rate for full-length articles was 6%.

This large number of contributions to the journal means we rely very heavily on the editorial advisory board to review papers for us. Ending their terms of editorial advisory board membership with this issue are:

William Baker, University of Southampton

Gary Barkhuizen, University of Auckland

Joel Bloch, The Ohio State University

Helen Fraser, University of New England, Australia

Steve Mann, University of Warwick

Eduardo Neguerela, University of Miami

Kimberly Noels, University of Alberta

Sun-Young Oh, Seoul National University

Diane Pecorari, Mälardalen University

Dingfang Shu, Shanghai International Studies University

Thomas Upton, Indiana/Purdue University

Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick

Yuji Ushiro, University of Tsukuba

We are grateful for the contributions they have each made to the journal and the time they have taken to review submissions during their term of membership of the board.

The new members of the editorial advisory board are:

Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, Sultan Qaboos University

Anne Burns, University of New South Wales

Mary Jane Curry, University of Rochester

Angel Lin, The University of Hong Kong

Eric A. Anchimbe, Universität Bayreuth

Takako Nishino, Kanda University of International Studies

Stephanie Vandrick, University of San Francisco

Cynthia White, Massey University, New Zealand

Ruiying Yang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Youngjoo Yi, The Ohio State University

We thank these people for agreeing to perform this very important service to the journal.

We also thank the large number of occasional reviewers for the contribution they made to the journal in 2013. These are:

Lee AbrahamSusan GrayCynthia Nelson
Rebecca AdamsAnthony GreenHilary Nesi
Jo Ann AebersoldVincent GreenieJonathan Newton
Ramin AkbariPeter GuRieko Nishida
Eva AlconLiang GuoAlba Ortiz
David AllenM. Obaidul HamidHye Pae
Lubna AlsagoffMari HanedaDavid Palfreyman
Jose AmenosJette Hansen EdwardsOneyda Paneque
Neil AndersonJack HardyMostafa Papi
Nick AndonMostafa HasratiAmos Paran
Sible AndringaMaggie HawkinsGloria Park
Roslyn ApplebyDavid HayesHaesoon Park
Vahid AryadoustDeyuan HeJihyun Park
Tim AshwellJohn HedgcockLynn Pearson
Richard BadgerTodd HernandezPamela Pearson
Kathryn BartholomewDavid HirshPeng, Jian-E
Yasemin BayyurtAnne HolmenRobert Phillipson
Nancy BellNur HootonJenefer Philp
Sarah BeneschGuangwei HuLucy Pickering
Phil BensonHeng-Tsung HuangHerbert Pierson
Elizabeth BernhardtTomoko IshiiLuke Plonsky
John BitchenerLudmila IsurinJohn Read
Steven BrownEun Hee JeonDeborah Reed
Anthony BrutonMaree JeurissenJenelle Reeves
Mike BurriNan JiangAndrea Révész,
Yuko ButlerDavid JohnsonBarry Reynolds
Melisa Cahnmann-TaylorsSally JonesHeather Robinson
Suresh CanagarajahNobuhiro KamiyaEdward Roeber
Yiqian CaoHyun-Sook KangUte Roemer
Jasone CenozOkim KangCarsten Roever
Micheline Chalhoub-DevilleMonica KarlssonHeath Rose
Anna Uhl ChamotGabriele KasperKazuya Saito
Carol ChappelleShigeo KatoMela Sarkar
Mei-Hui ChenNahal KhabbazbashiMasatoshi Sato
Yuanshan ChenAmanda KiblerShannon Sauro
Liying ChengRichard KielyPeter Sayer
Winnie ChengSun Hee KimNorbert Schmitt
Alice ChikThomas KirkpatrickLeslie Schrier
Mary Ann ChristisonUte KnochAna Schwartz
Christian ChunYoko KobayashiAli Fuad Selvi
Marta CivilHans-Jurgen KrummAli Shehadeh
Maria CoadyRyuko KubotaChih-Min Shih
Andrew CohenB. KumaravadiveluHyunjung Shin
Laura CollinsPercy KwokJeeweon Shin
Gary CookMartin LambRita Silver
Viviana CortesBatia LauferDaphnee Simard
Tracey CostleyJacqueline LawsWilly Solano Flores
Averil CoxheadAlexandra LeavellLinda Steinman
Jodi CrandallEun Jeong Lee,Neomy Storch
Graham CrookesJoseph LeeNicholas Subtirelu
Cate CrosbyMichael LeeserEtsuo Taguchi
Deborah CrusanAl LehnerNaoko Taguchi
Alister CummingJo LewkowiczOsamu Takeuchi
Jim CumminsJia LiMasahiro Takimoto
Mary Jane CurryShaofeng LiSteven Talmy
Kees de Bot,Theresa LillisParvaneh Tavakoli
Peter De CostaAngel LinTan Bee Tin
Anna de FinaHuifen LinGertrude Tinker Sachs
Nel de Jong,Zheng LinTracey Tokuhama-Espinosa
Luciana de OliveiraKristen LindahlZuzana Tomas
Helen de Silva JoyceDavid LittleAlan Tonkyn
Thomas DelaneyNgar Fun LiuKelleen Toohey
Kevin DePewEnric LlurdaSergio Torres Martìnez
David DeterdingVirginia LoCastroPavel Trofimovich
Jean-Marc DewaeleShawn LoewenStephanie Vandrick
Zoltan DornyeiJason LohManka Varghese
Howard DoyleMario Lopez-GoparMarjolijn Verspoor
Margaret EarlyFrancisco LorenzoSteve Walsh
Hussein ElkhafaifiHeather LotheringtonMartin Warren
Kadriye ErcikanMax LouwerseLaurie Weaver
Zhihui FangEe Ling LowSara Weigle
Timothy FarnsworthYanbin LuRosemary Wette
Thomas FarrellJohn MacalisterSusan Wharton
Gibson FergusonErnesto MacaroJessica Williams
Nicole FernandezPeter MacIntyreBrent Wolter
Dana FerrisMichael MagidWynne Wong
Janna FoxKatherine MangelsdorfDavid Wood
Yvonne FreemanLudmila MarchenkovaLindy Woodrow
Mark FreiermuthNuma MarkeeAlison Wray
Eric FriginalAya MatsudaCuiqin Xu
Jan FrodesenJames McLarenJunko Yamashita
Danling FuJulie MeltzerChengsong Yang
Clare FurneauxJulia Menard-WarwickHui-Chun Yang
Zhengdong GanMarije MichelLuxin Yang
Xuesong GaoFlorin MihaiYu-Feng Yang
Yihong GaoGui MinTomoko Yashima
Georgia GarciaHui-Tzu MinYoungjoo Yi
Ofelia GarciaAjit MohantyIsaiah Yoo
Meg GebhardKouider MokhtariFangyuan Yuan
Atta GebrilNaoko MonoiDonglan Zhang
Guillaume GentilBrian MorganJie Zhang
Anna GhimentonFrederic MosherLawrence Zhang
April GintherLucie MoussuBinbin Zheng
Peter GobelCharlotte MurakamiWei Zhu
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Rachel GrantBokyung Murray 
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