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The Role of Mentoring in Supporting Novice English Language Teachers in Hong Kong



This article reports on qualitative case study research into the experience and support of four novice English language teachers in Hong Kong (HK). It describes their perceived experience and socialisation, particularly with regard to the induction and mentoring support they receive during the first year of teaching. While the benefits of different forms of induction support (mentoring in particular) have been established, few studies have focused on specific factors that affect the perceived effectiveness of mentoring, from the point of view of both the mentors and the mentees. The current study therefore breaks new ground in investigating the perspectives of different stakeholders in the mentoring process. What is more, the majority of research reports the nature of the first year of teaching in one snapshot, often not paying attention to the professional development and changes throughout the year. This study follows a group of novice language teachers for the whole of their first year in teaching.