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Developing Climate Change Strategy: A Framework for Managers


  • Andreas Birnik

    Corresponding author
    1. Department of Strategy & Policy, National University of Singapore Business School
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Strategy & Policy, NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building, #6-48, 15 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119245, +65 6516 3106 (phone), +65 6779 5059 (fax).

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As scientific evidence about climate change mounts, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to develop climate change strategies that reduce risk and strengthen the competitiveness of their organizations. This article introduces a managerial framework to support the development of climate change strategy at the firm level. Topics discussed include the basic facts about climate change, the rationale for the development of climate change strategy, company case studies, findings from consumer research, evidence concerning performance impact of firm-level climate change efforts, risk management, greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification, verification and reporting, GHG reduction initiatives, carbon offsets, organizational ownership of climate change efforts, and integrated reporting covering financial performance and organizational sustainability. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.