In our experience the transperineal approach is more ‘operator- and patient-friendly’, with much higher patient compliance in the immediate postpartum period and no loss of resolution. Three-dimensional transperineal ultrasound enabled volume dataset acquisition in only a few minutes with the patient present, with imaging of the anal sphincter complex in its entirety via post-processing manipulation of the acquired volume set.

Spatial resolution refers to the ability to differentiate between near points as separate, and is a function of frequency. As such it is primarily affected by the transducer used, not examination approach.

We believe our transperineal approach takes into account the preferences of our population while providing excellent image quality.

S. Yagel*, D. V. Valsky*, * Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hadassah University Hospital, Mt Scopus, PO Box 24035, Jerusalem, Mt Scopus, 91240, Israel