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Multiphase PVC/styrenic copolymer alloys: Internally reinforced by partial miscibility



Although polymer/polymer miscibility is considered the exception to the general rule, in polymer thermodynamics specific interactions between active sites on two polymers can be a driving force for polymer/polymer miscibility. Both the intermolecular interactions of the alpha hydrogen of PVC with carbonyl groups in various polyesters and the polarity of the chlorine bond have been claimed to promote miscibility. Both of these interactions are potential in PVC/styrene maleic anhydride (SMAnh) polymer blends. These specific interactions promoting miscibility and the resulting mechanical properties of these systems is the subject of this report. SMAnh (12.5% MA) copolymer was melt compounded with a stabilized PVC compound using a Haake Rheocord twin screw extruder. Test data generated for these blends were analyzed for miscibility and effects of SMAnh copolymers on heat resistance, fire retardance, impact strength, and processability of PVC.

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