An error resulted from a discontinuity in reading the CMIP3 model data, which led to enlarged PDSI changes in Fig. 11. However, it does not change the drying patterns and the basic conclusions, although the quantitative references to Fig. 11 in the text of the paper may need to be adjusted accordingly. This error does not affect other results of the paper.

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Figure 11. (Corrected version) Mean annual sc-PDSI pm for years (a) 1950–1959, (b) 1975–1984, (c) 2000–2009, (d) 2030–2039, (e) 2060–2069, and (f) 2090–2099 calculated using the 22-model ensemble-mean surface air temperature, precipitation, humidity, net radiation, and wind speed used in the IPCC AR4 from the 20th century and SRES A1B 21st century simulations.128 Red to pink areas are extremely dry (severe drought) conditions while blue colors indicate wet areas relative to the 1950–1979 mean.

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