WIREs Climate Change after 4 years: an editorial essay



The first issue of WIREs (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews) Climate Change appeared in January 2010 and nearly 4 years later the journal has published over 200 review articles at the average rate of more than one per week. Over these 4 years, the journal has made a unique, visible, and valuable contribution to the burgeoning and broadening scholarship on climate change. This reflects not only the vision and work of the Executive Editorial Board, but also the way in which the idea of climate change continues to take on new meanings as it meets and shapes new physical processes and cultural practices. In this editorial I reflect on the contribution of WIREs Climate Change to this scholarship and assess the achievements of the journal to date. WIREs Clim Change 2014, 5:1–5. doi: 10.1002/wcc.248

Conflict of interest: The authors have declared no conflicts of interest for this article.

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