• handoff delay;
  • multicast broadcast service (MBS);
  • mobile communications network (MCN)


The Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS) zone technology is proposed to provide MBS with high QoS on Mobile Communications Networks (MCNs). An MBS zone consists of a group of Base Stations (BSs) synchronized to transmit the same MBS content using the same multicasting channel, which potentially reduces the time delay for Mobile Stations (MSs) to handoff between different BSs in the same MBS zone. However, significant time delay still incurs while MSs handoff between different BSs belonging to different MBS zones (i.e., the inter-MBS zone handoff). To reduce the possibility for the inter-MBS zone handoff, we may increase the size of an MBS zone (i.e., more BSs contained in an MBS zone), which may result in poor multicasting channel utilization. This paper proposes the OverLapping Scheme (OLS) and the Enhanced OverLapping Scheme (EOLS) for more flexible MBS zone configuration to get better performance for MBS in terms of QoS and radio resource utilization. We propose the analytical models for the original MBS zone technology (namely the Basic scheme), and the OLS scheme, which are validated against the simulation experiments. Based on the simulation results, we investigate the performance for the Basic scheme, the OLS scheme, and the EOLS scheme. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.