• multitone CDMA;
  • multicarrier CDMA;
  • diversity;
  • narrowband interference;
  • interference suppression;
  • multipath fading


The performance of a multitone Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) system is investigated in this paper by considering the effect of multipath fading, diversity and narrowband interference. The performance is evaluated in terms of the average bit error rate when both multiple access and partial band interference are present. Results are obtained by deriving the statistics of the receiver output parameters and then tested by numerical evaluation. The bit error rate performance is analyzed as a function of bit rate, bandwidth, delay range and different diversity techniques, while considering issues relevant to system implementation. Comparisons were made between conventional single-tone CDMA systems and multitone CDMA systems. The effectiveness of multitone CDMA in suppressing interference compared to conventional CDMA system is analyzed. Results reveal considerable performance improvement of multitone CDMA system over conventional CDMA system. Copyright © 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.