Wind tunnel test on mean wind forces and peak pressures acting on wind turbine nacelles



Mean wind force coefficients of nacelles are investigated by a wind tunnel test and are compared with those in current codes, such as the Germanischer Lloyd Guideline 2010 (GL2010) and Eurocode, in order to clarify the effects of the ground, presence of a hub, turbulence in the incident flow and nacelle length on these coefficients. Formulas for the mean wind force coefficients are proposed as a function of yaw angles. It is found that mean wind force coefficients of wind turbine nacelles specified in GL2010 are underestimated in comparison with those obtained by wind tunnel tests.

Pressure measurements of a nacelle are also conducted. Notably, the mean pressure coefficients for design load case 6.2 (DLC6.2) are significantly larger than those for design load case 6.1 (DLC6.1) in IEC61400-1. Maximum and minimum mean pressure coefficients are proposed for the DLC6.1 and DLC6.2 by the wind tunnel test, which are similar to those in Eurocode and are larger than those proposed in GL2010. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.