Modeling, simulation and control of a wind turbine with a hydraulic transmission system



A complete mathematical model of a hydraulic transmission concept for use in wind turbines is presented. The hydraulic system transfers the power from the nacelle to ground level. The main focus has been to develop a model that takes into account the most important dynamics affecting the wind turbine and the hydraulic transmission system involved, such that the model can be used to analyze the dynamic feasibility of a hydraulic transmission concept. Further, dynamic analysis of a hydraulic transmission system for wind turbines is investigated. The nonlinear dynamic model is developed in MATLAB Simulink. Analytical calculation of natural periods of a linearized model corresponds well with simulations of the overall system.

A valve control system is proposed to reduce pressure and power fluctuations at operation both below and above the rated wind speed for the wind turbine. Further, a blade pitch control system based on an aerodynamic power estimator is proposed for operation above the rated wind speed.

System simulations for one case below and one case above the rated wind speed show that the dynamic response of the overall system is stable and that the wind turbine variables are within typical ranges for conventional variable speed wind turbines with mechanical transmission. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.