Contributions to the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, London, 2004


Introduction to the Special Issue

In the Spring of 2004 the city of Delft hosted a conference on ‘The Science of Making Torque from the Wind’ organized by the Delft University Wind Energy Research Institute and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands on behalf of EWEA and the European Academy for Wind Energy (‘the Academy’). The explicit objective of the conference was to meet the academic standards as found in other branches of science and technology. The Academy had the responsibility for the scientific quality of the contents. All papers presented at the conference had an abstract review and—importantly—a full paper review. A selection of the papers was subsequently published in two special issues of this journal in October–December 2004 and January–March 2005.

The success of the Delft conference led to a mutual agreement between EWEA and the Academy to continue the strict peer review process for the upcoming London EWEA conference (November 2004). The call for abstracts asked for contributions in Business–Politics–Science–Technology. A total of 147 abstracts were received for the Scientific Track. Of these, 35 were selected for the review process. Selection of these abstracts was mainly based on three criteria: quality, relevance and possible contribution to a complete set of scientific sessions. The selection process was not easy and, based on the experience gained, improvements will be implemented for future conferences.

The Scientific Track finally ended up with 28 contributions, which were printed in the Scientific Proceedings for the delegates of the conference and further invited by Wind Energy to be reviewed for publication in this special issue. The collection of 14 papers that finally made their way to the journal comes from a long distillation process and consequently the result cannot be expected to be fully representative of the content of the conference. Despite this, I am convinced that you will find some of the contributions interesting and inspiring and all of them of high quality, thanks to the efforts of the authors, the army of reviewers and my fellow editors.