• dynamic stall;
  • Leishman–Beddoes model;
  • free vortex wake method;
  • S809 aerofoil


An analysis of dynamic stall for the S809 aerofoil has been performed in conjunction with the Leishman–Beddoes dynamic stall model that was modified for wind turbine applications. Numerical predictions of the lift, drag and pitching moment coefficients were compared with measurements obtained for an oscillating S809 aerofoil at various reduced frequencies, mean angles of attack and angle of attack amplitudes. It was found that the results using the modified model were in good agreement with the experimental data. Hysteresis in the aerodynamic coefficients was captured well, although the drag coefficient was slightly underpredicted in the deep stall flow regime. Validation against the experimental data showed overall good agreement. The mathematical structure of the model is such that it can be readily incorporated into a comprehensive analysis code for a wind turbine. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.