Technical aspects of status and expected future trends for wind power in Denmark



The power system of Denmark is characterized by significant incorporation of wind power. Presently, more than 20% of the annual electricity consumption is covered by electricity-producing wind turbines. The largest increase in grid-incorporated wind power is expected to come from large (offshore) wind farms operating as large wind power plants with ride-through solutions, connected to the high-voltage transmission system and providing ancillary services to the system. In Denmark there are presently two offshore wind farms connected to the transmission system: Horns Rev A (160MW rated power in the western part of the country) and Nysted (165MW rated power at Rødsand in Eastern Denmark). The construction of two more offshore wind farms, totalling 400MW by the years 2008–2010, has been announced. This article presents the status, perspectives and technical challenges for wind power in the power system from the point of view of, Transmission System Operator of Denmark. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley &Sons, Ltd