Short-term hydropower planning coordinated with wind power in areas with congestion problems



In this paper, a day-ahead planning algorithm for a multi-reservoir hydropower system coordinated with wind power is developed. Coordination applies to real situations, where wind power and hydropower are owned by different utilities, sharing the same transmission lines, although hydropower has priority for transmission capacity. Coordination is thus necessary to minimize wind energy curtailments during congestion situations. The planning algorithm accounts for the uncertainty of wind power forecast. Only planning for the spot market is considered. Once the production bid is placed on the market, it cannot be changed. The solution of the stochastic optimization problem should, therefore, fulfill the transmission constraints for all wind power production scenarios. An evaluation algorithm is also developed to quantify the impact from the coordinated planning in the long run. The developed planning algorithm and the evaluation algorithm are applied in a case study. The results are compared with uncoordinated operation. The results of the case study show that coordination with wind power brings additional income to the hydropower utility and leads to significant reduction of wind energy curtailments. Copyright © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.