• aerodynamics;
  • aeroelasticity;
  • stochastic process;
  • stall, computational fluid dynamics;
  • engineering model


The aim of this work is to improve aeroelastic simulation codes by accounting for the unsteady aerodynamic forces that a blade experiences in static stall. A model based on a spectral representation of the aerodynamic lift force is defined. The drag and pitching moment are derived using a conditional simulation technique for stochastic processes. The input data for the model can be collected either from measurements or from numerical results from a Computational Fluid Dynamics code for airfoil sections at constant angles of attack. An analysis of such data is provided, which helps to determine the characteristics of stall. The model is applied to wind turbine rotor cases, including the stand still condition, and results are compared to experimental data. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.