Torsional torque suppression of generator based on H control theory in isolated power system



Renewable energy power plants, such as wind turbine generator and photovoltaic system, have been introduced in isolated power system recently. The output power fluctuations of wind turbine generator and load deviations result in frequency deviation and terminal voltage fluctuation. Furthermore, these power fluctuations also affect the turbine shafting of diesel generators and gas-turbine generators, which are the main components of power generation systems in isolated islands. For stable operation of gas-turbine generator, the torsional torque suppression as well as power system stabilization should be considered. In this paper, the control strategy that achieves torsional torque suppression and power system stabilization is presented based on H control theory. The effectiveness of the proposed control system is validated by numerical simulation results. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.