Analysis of impact of grid-connected wind power on small signal stability



The power system small signal stability analysis considering wind generation intermittence is studied comprehensively in this paper. The modelling of doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) involving the converters with application of stator flux-oriented vector control strategy is addressed briefly. In order to reveal how the intermittent nature of wind power affects the operating behaviour of an existing power system, a probabilistic small signal stability analysis method based on Monte Carlo simulation technique is proposed to explore and exploit the impact of intermittent grid-connected wind power on small signal stability. The IEEE New England test system is applied as benchmark to verify the proposed model and approach. Total 3 scenarios are elaborately designed to figure out the potential relationship between the small signal stability indices and the wind generation intermittence. Finally, some preliminary conclusions and comments were drawn based on the numerical simulation results. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.