Severe winter photographs

Severe winter photographs

Figure 1.

The crown wall, up to 100m wide and 3m in height, left by a full depth avalanche on the south west slopes of Glas Maol, around 20km south of Braemar, Grampian mountains, grid reference NO 158760, 7 April 2010 (from article on pages 4–10). (Courtesy of the Scottish Avalanche Information

Figure 2.

A snow plough passes the Cat and Fiddle pub (515m asl) on the A537 Macclesfield to Buxton Road in the Peak District on 7 January 2010 (from article on pages 4–10). (Copyright Cheshire County Council.)

Figure 3.

Gibraltar rock fall (estimated in total to be approx 125 000kg) early evening on 7 January 2010 after a night of heavy rain (from article on pages 22–25). (Courtesy of the Gibraltar Chronicle.)

Figure 4.

Debris left on a Málaga beach late February 2010 – many Andalucían beaches suffered damage during the winter storms triggering a major clean-up operation in preparation for the Easter holidays (from article on pages 22–25). (Courtesy of La Opinion de Malaga.)