Weather covers through the years

Figure 1.

The cover of the first issue of Weather, published in May 1946. It featured a photograph by Flt. Lt. G. J. Jefferson of a towering cumulus cloud.

Figure 2.

Early covers were in black and white, or in a single colour as in this example from 1964. The first cover picture in full colour was in July 1961 but full colour was not used consistently until 1966.

Figure 3.

Satellite and radar images have featured occasionally on the cover since 1967 and 1974, respectively. This is a geostationary satellite image of the whole Earth, taken by NASA's ATS-3 satellite.

Figure 4.

Photographs have appeared on most covers, but some covers have used artwork and illustrations: this one, in November 1982, illustrated the Beaufort scale as depicted on an Edwardian glass slide.

Figure 5.

This example, from 1986, is typical of the cover format from 1984 to 1999, the image being full size and in full colour. The Tower of the Winds logo appeared at top left from 2000 to 2003.

Figure 6.

In 2004 the magazine was enlarged to A4 size. The January 2004 cover, showing a photograph by Stephen Burt, saw first use of a new RMetS logo to replace the Tower of the Winds.