• exploratory data analysis;
  • statistical graphics;
  • selection and linked highlighting;
  • parallel coordinate plot;
  • mosaic plot


Mondrian is a general-purpose statistical data-visualization system [Theus M. Interactive data visualization using Mondrian. J Stat Softw 2003, 7:1–9]. It features outstanding visualization techniques for data of almost any kind, and has its particular strength compared to other tools when working with categorical data, geographical data, and large data sets. Data displays in Mondrian are interactive, i.e., plot parameters may be changed interactively resulting in an instantaneous update of the views. Furthermore, all plots in Mondrian are fully linked, i.e., any case selected or marked in a plot in Mondrian is highlighted in all other linked plots. Mondrian offers interactive queries, which show information of the data objects in any plot. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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