Distributed grid-type architectures



Research advances in the distributed computing have led to grid computing, which unlike many other areas of distributed computing focuses on large-scale resource sharing and discovery for better performance. Traditionally, grid computing has been performed in a client/server format. However, recent advances in the area of peer-to-peer computing have brought a paradigm shift in the field of distributed systems and have forced researchers in the area of grid computing to discuss peer-to-peer grids. In this article, we will review the work done in the area of grid computing and discuss peer-to-peer grids with a focus on a framework that provides incentive to the participating resources in a peer-to-peer grid environment. The framework provides the basis for defining a utility function that is used by participating nodes to efficiently allocate the resources that are available in a system. We finish by mentioning the evolving area of cloud computing. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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