The Influence of the Perceptions of Environmental Factors on Self-Reported Health Status Among Thais


Corresponding author: Lisa Pawloski. Email:


As a transitional country recently entering the Association of Southeast Asian Nation's (ASEAN) community, Thailand aims to improve its healthcare and health of its people. One means of better understanding the health status of a population is to examine how the overall health environment influences health status. For this study, we examine the impact of perceptions of the Thai health environment on the health status of Thai adults. Four hundred and two participants from three regions of Thailand were surveyed concerning sociodemographic variables, perceptions of health status, and perceptions of the internal and external health environment. The results revealed that those reporting their health status to be satisfactory believed that their living and working environment and availability of medical information and technology was good. In Thailand, the perception of having a good living and working environment as well as good medical information and innovative medical technology may have an important bearing on health status.