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wrcr20516-sup-0001-suppinfo01.tif16431KSupplementary figure 1: Proportional Similarity Index (PSI) for textural profiles for each pair of stands and different depth within sites. inline image
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where p1 is the clay minimum percentage, p2 for silt and p3 for sand at i depth. Boxplots represent similarity index for paired stands at the same depth, 79 % of the sites had PSI > 0.8, 20% between 0.5 and 0.8 and only 1% under 0.5. Blue lines indicate the global textural similitude for all land cover at the same depth.
wrcr20516-sup-0002-suppinfo02.tif98614KSupplementary figure 2: Total salt stock (kg. m−2) based on Electric Conductivity vs. Total chloride concentrations (kg. m−2). For Old Agriculture (triangles: OA) and Dry Forest (squares: DF). Each value correspond to one depth at each borehole (n = 96). Fitted functions for DF: Cl- kg. m−2 = 0.351salt kg. m−2 + 0.0115 kg. m−2; R2 = 0.628. Fitted function for OA: Cl- kg. m−2 = 0.054 salt kg. m−2 + 0.006 kg. m−2; R2 = 0.24.
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