• deduction;
  • implications;
  • induction;
  • management implications


The management implications (MI) section of articles in The Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM) and Wildlife Society Bulletin (WSB) is meant to relay transparent, applicable information from researchers to managers. I questioned whether this goal was being met because inspection of paper titles in these journals showed many studies do not address management topics. Accordingly, I developed a classification scheme for statements in the MI section and analyzed the nature and content of randomly selected MI sections (n = 80) in Volume 72 (2008) of JWM. Management implications (deductions or inductions) made up 5.5 ± 1% standard error of statements in the sample (n = 562 statements). Accordingly, >90% of the statements in the sample of MI sections were not MIs. The MI heading does not inform readers of section content. I recommend a more flexible heading (e.g., Implications, Research Needs, Recommendations, Conclusions) or elimination of the section because salient material usually appears in other sections of a paper anyway. © 2011 The Wildlife Society.